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Why partner with us?

An exceptional social and economic brand

We have established a sustainable market-driven system in which farmers are empowered to increase their household incomes through good agricultural techniques combined with reliable market partners. We have more than 50 years of experience and relationships gained in Uganda and Congo.


Sustainable eco farming

We partner with farmers to develop produce in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner bringing increased profitability and sustainability in challenging environments. This is shown by our impact and certification success.

Un-tapped opportunity

As an established organisation with significant management capacity and infrastructure we can help your business, NGO or idea have actual impact in the real world. 

Our Partners



Esco Uganda supports the entire cocoa value chain of production within Uganda right from planting and harvesting to processing and market engagement. It is important that the farmers who lie at the starting point of this value chain get the relevant training and support to boost production and incomes.

With support from AgDevCo the farmers were able to initiate 197 community nurseries in 2018/19, producing a total of 4.6 million cocoa seedlings for planting in Kagadi and Kakumiro. In 2019/20, farmers were able to plant 2,879 Ha of cocoa in Kagadi and 815 Ha in Kakumiro. In this area we have trained over 2,000 farmers who are now actively involved in cocoa growing. 
We have also trained over 14,000 farmers in Bundibugyo and conduct regular farm visits to all certified farmers. 

AgDevCo is committed to supporting a thriving commercial African agriculture sector that benefits both people and planet- something we fully support also!


Uganda Cocoa Association (UCA), established in 2001, brings together farmers and traders with a mandate to improve the quality of cocoa being produced in Uganda and increase the production and export volumes of Cocoa from Uganda. 



The Association of Vanilla Exporters of Uganda (VANEX) brings together the majority of vanilla exporting companies in Uganda under one umbrella in order to promote the production of vanilla in Uganda for the long term benefit of the Ugandan vanilla industry. It also seeks to promote the sale of Ugandan vanilla worldwide. It was established in 2004 and is made up of the most prominent vanilla exporting companies in Uganda.


Esco Kivu Sarl

Situated just the other side of the Rwenzori mountains in North Kivu, DRC, Esco Kivu have collaborated with us in supplying high quality cocoa, cinchona, papain and vanilla to our customers for more than 20 years; engaging farmers, uplifting communities and changing lives. 

For more information please contact us. 

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Certification Partners

Read more about our certification credentials below, or contact us for more detail.

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